The IACAT Newsletter provides announcements of important information and news in the field of adaptive testing.

Dec. 2011: Call for operational CAT programs

The IACAT website has a list of operational CAT programs at, adapted from the CAT Central website of Prof. David J. Weiss. If you have a operational testing program that utilizes true IRT-based adaptive testing, and you would like to add it to that list, please send a brief description to

IACAT 2012 Announced

The IACAT 2012 annual conference will be held 12-14 August, in Sydney, Australia. It is being hosted by the Australian Medical Council ( and EPEC ( An official Call for Proposals with more details will be released soon, but you can start thinking about what research you would like to present.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Note: An earlier announcement tentatively listed the dates as 13-15 August; final arrangements with the venue were 12-14 August.