IACAT 2021: Call for Host Nominations

The International Association for Computerized Adaptive Testing (IACAT) hosts a biannual conference in odd-numbered years.  The next one will be 2021, and we are currently accepting nominations for the hosting organization, so that we might announce at the 2019 conference this summer.  This provides a wonderful opportunity to gain exposure amongst hundreds of assessment professionals around the world; IACAT has 900 members and 110-170 typically attend the conference.

What is involved?

The hosting organization will undertake all planning and coordination of the conference: hotel, conference rooms, food, excursions (optional), registration, etc.   The organization must also bear the financial risk; for example, they must sign the contract with the hotel and provide any necessary payments, and when registration/sponsorship revenue starts coming in, IACAT will reimburse the host.  If expenses exceed the revenue, the host also bears that risk. Therefore all nominations must be of a well-established organization with resources to manage an international conference, such as an assessment company or a major university (see examples below).  The nomination must include indicated interest from a person at that organization.  Self-nominations are accepted.

IACAT will assist in promoting the conference by providing the IACAT website as a platform for information about the conference, payment portal, and email communications to IACAT members.

IACAT desires to rotate locations around the world, to benefit all researchers.  Because the most recent three conferences were USA, Japan, and UK, we especially welcome nominations from other regions for 2021.

If you wish to nominate an organization, or have more questions, please email Nathan Thompson (nthompson@assess.com).

Past hosts

2019 - Assessment Systems Corporation (USA)

2017 - Niigata Seiryo Univeristy (Japan)

2015 - University of Cambridge (UK)

2014 - Educational Testing Service (USA)

2012 - EPEC and Australian Medical Council (Australia)

2011 - CTB/McGraw-Hill (USA)

2010 - Cito (Netherlands)

2009 - Graduate Management Admissions Council (USA)