TitleDevelopment of a Computerized Adaptive Test for Anxiety Based on the Dutch–Flemish Version of the PROMIS Item Bank
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of PublicationIn Press
AuthorsFlens, G, Smits, N, Terwee, CB, Dekker, J, Huijbrechts, I, Spinhoven, P, de Beurs, E
AbstractWe used the Dutch–Flemish version of the USA PROMIS adult V1.0 item bank for Anxiety as input for developing a computerized adaptive test (CAT) to measure the entire latent anxiety continuum. First, psychometric analysis of a combined clinical and general population sample (N = 2,010) showed that the 29-item bank has psychometric properties that are required for a CAT administration. Second, a post hoc CAT simulation showed efficient and highly precise measurement, with an average number of 8.64 items for the clinical sample, and 9.48 items for the general population sample. Furthermore, the accuracy of our CAT version was highly similar to that of the full item bank administration, both in final score estimates and in distinguishing clinical subjects from persons without a mental health disorder. We discuss the future directions and limitations of CAT development with the Dutch–Flemish version of the PROMIS Anxiety item bank.