The IACAT board would like to receive nominations for three new board members. Three member positions are open for election.  Current and past board members may run for another term if elected.

The current board is:

President Emeritus: David J. Weiss
Past President: Theo Eggen
President: G. Gage Kingsbury
Vice President: Lawrence M. Rudner
Secretary: Richard Ackermann
Treasurer: Kathi Gialluca
Regional representatives:
North America: Alan Mead
Africa, Australia, South America: John Barnard
Europe: Otto Walter
Asia: Natarajan Venkatesa
Executive Director: Cliff Donath
Communication Director: Nate Thompson

Vice President Nominations

The vice president serves for one year and than becomes president of the Board for a year and then Past President for a year.  Lawrence Rudner becomes President this year.

Regional Representatives serve for three years.  These Two positions are open for election this year for a three year service commitment.
Europe: Otto Walter
Asia: Natarajan Venkatesa

Please send your nominations or self-nominations to Cliff Donath ( as soon as possible.  Please add a brief bio for the person nominated which we can send out at election time when we have a ballot system established.  Regional representatives must reside in the region they will represent. Only members within the region can vote for a regional representative.  During election periods, no new members will be added until after the election.

We will have this election for Vice President, Asia and Europe representatives within the next month.

If there are any questions, please write to me.

Cliff Donath