The International Association for Computerized Adaptive Testing (IACAT) is an organization that is incorporated exclusively for scientific, educational, literary, and charitable purposes.

IACAT is committed to encouraging scholarly efforts to:

  • Advance the science of adaptive testing in all fields of applied psychological and educational measurement;
  • Improve adaptive instruments and procedures for their administration, scoring, interpretation, and use;
  • Improve applications of adaptive assessment of individuals and evaluations of assessment programs.
  • Develop theory, techniques, technologies and instrumentation available for adaptive measurement in all relevant human, institutional, and social characteristics;
  • Develop procedures appropriate to the interpretation and use of such technologies and instruments;
  • Advance applications of adaptive measurement in individual and group evaluation studies.

To achieve these aims, IACAT will:

  • organize international meetings and discussions;
  • promote the publication of relevant information by means of its own and other publication outlets;
  • stimulate international cooperation on research projects relevant to a scientifically and ethically sound use of adaptive testing;
  • be available to act as an intermediary in international negotiations concerning the publication and marketing of adaptive tests;
  • advance professional development and work to raise standards governing test development and use.