TitleComputerized Adaptive Testing of Personality Traits
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsHol, AM, Vorst, HCM, Mellenbergh, GJ
JournalZeitschrift für Psychologie / Journal of Psychology
KeywordsAdaptive Testing, cmoputer-assisted testing, Item Response Theory, Likert scales, Personality Measures

A computerized adaptive testing (CAT) procedure was simulated with ordinal polytomous personality data collected using a
conventional paper-and-pencil testing format. An adapted Dutch version of the dominance scale of Gough and Heilbrun’s Adjective
Check List (ACL) was used. This version contained Likert response scales with five categories. Item parameters were estimated using Samejima’s graded response model from the responses of 1,925 subjects. The CAT procedure was simulated using the responses of 1,517 other subjects. The value of the required standard error in the stopping rule of the CAT was manipulated. The relationship between CAT latent trait estimates and estimates based on all dominance items was studied. Additionally, the pattern of relationships between the CAT latent trait estimates and the other ACL scales was compared to that between latent trait estimates based on the entire item pool and the other ACL scales. The CAT procedure resulted in latent trait estimates qualitatively equivalent to latent trait estimates based on all items, while a substantial reduction of the number of used items could be realized (at the stopping rule of 0.4 about 33% of the 36 items was used).