TitleAdaptivity in a Diagnostic Educational Test
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsSchouwstra, S
Conference NameIACAT 2017 Conference
Date Published08/2017
PublisherNiigata Seiryo University
Conference LocationNiigata, Japan
KeywordsCAT, Diagnostic tests, Education

During the past five years a diagnostic educational test for three subjects (writing Dutch, writing English and math) has been developed in the Netherlands. The test informs students and their teachers about the students’ strengths and weaknesses in such a manner that the learning process can be adjusted to their personal needs. It is a computer-based assessment for students in five different educational tracks midway secondary education that can yield diagnoses of many sub-skills. One of the main challenges at the outset of the development was to devise a way to deliver many diagnoses within a reasonably testing time. The answer to this challenge was to make the DET adaptive.

In this presentation we will discuss first how the adaptivity is shaped towards the purpose of the Diagnostic Educational Test. The adaptive design, particularly working with item blocks, will be discussed as well as the implemented adaptive rules. We will also show a simulation of different adaptive paths of students and some empirical information on the paths students took through the test

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