TitleAn applied study on computerized adaptive testing
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication1989
AuthorsSchoonman, W
Academic DepartmentFaculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences
Number of Pages185
UniversityUniversity of Groingen
CityGroningen, The Netherlands
Thesis TypeDissertation
Keywordscomputerized adaptive testing

(from the cover) The rapid development and falling prices of powerful personal computers, in combination with new test theories, will have a large impact on psychological testing. One of the new possibilities is computerized adaptive testing. During the test administration each item is chosen to be appropriate for the person being tested. The test becomes tailor-made, resolving some of the problems with classical paper-and-pencil tests. In this way individual differences can be measured with higher efficiency and reliability. Scores on other meaningful variables, such as response time, can be obtained easily using computers. /// In this book a study on computerized adaptive testing is described. The study took place at Dutch Railways in an applied setting and served practical goals. Topics discussed include the construction of computerized tests, the use of response time, the choice of algorithms and the implications of using a latent trait model. After running a number of simulations and calibrating the item banks, an experiment was carried out. In the experiment a pretest was administered to a sample of over 300 applicants, followed by an adaptive test. In addition, a survey concerning the attitudes of testees towards computerized testing formed part of the design.